An Oscar concert

The extraordinary voice of Desirèe Rancatore thrilled in the concert at Villa Palagonia

The concert of the Palermo soprano Desirée Roncatore was held last night in the majestic Hall of Mirrors of Villa Palagonia, as part of the 55th anniversary of the "City of Bagheria" concert season and the seventh of the 2021 edition.

Desirée Rancatore, flanked by Alessandro Cirrito and Marco Scolastra, respectively first clarinet of the Sicilian Symphony Orchestra and piano, performed in a program of seven areas ranging from Schubert to Mozart, passing through the Serenade by Francesco Paolo Tosti and pieces by Donizetti ,
Rossini and Bellini.
The event was organized by the regional association Chorus Inside Sicilia chaired by Salvatore Di Blasi, by Federcori, with the patronage of the Biquadro di Bagheria cultural association, together with the Municipality of Bagheria with the support of the Tourism Department and the support of the MIC, Ministry culture fund.
The clubs of the Bagheria Rotary club and the Palermo Libertà club also collaborated on the event.
Perfect and harmonious, once again the setting of Villa Palagonia has been revealed, chosen by the soprano Desirée Rancatore for this performance.
Who would not be fascinated by the rest of this sky of painted mirrors?
The soprano received open stage applause at each performance demonstrating her incredible skill.
Desirèe Rancatore who, despite her young age, already has a long career behind her, she is actually used to being welcomed in respectable locations. Suffice it to say that after his piano and violin studies, he began singing singing at the age of 16 with his mother Maria Argento, to perfect himself in Rome and debut at the age of 19 at the Salzburg Festival, actually starting a career on the rise, which on Sunday he brought her back home, after having performed in the main theaters of Europe, Asia and America.

[di Sara Abello - from "La Voce di Bagheria"]

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