The colors of Sicily

The creations of Tommaso Provenzano

The Tommaso Provenzano exhibition at Villa Palagonia is enjoying considerable success.

A path that develops through the four rooms currently available in the Villa dei Mostri: the Hall of Hercules, the Hall of Mirrors, the Chapel and the Billiard room. Few pieces of art made entirely by hand in each
their meticulous detail, which has obtained the appreciation of many tourists as well as local visitors, attracted to the Villa also by the reduction on the cost of the entrance ticket, as well as by the possibility of admiring this "immersion" in Sicilianity in such an unusual and rich setting already of his own. Thus, the adults and the little ones, already upside down as soon as they cross the threshold of the Salone degli Specchi, which does not stop leaving even those who
knows him well, they have had the opportunity to closely observe a small collection of artifacts made by Tommaso Provenzano.
Two pairs of Moor's heads finely finished with the bright colors typical of Sicilian decorations and Provenzano's work, plates, wooden tables, fans, canvases, a cart and even a small table with a couple
of chairs painted in every small component made during the lockdown. All pieces mostly dating back to the last year, with the exception of the canvases and the cart. A concentration of Sicilian nature in the few elements on display which, however, managed to fit perfectly into the context of the eighteenth-century noble residence.
Provenzano is one of the best known artists from Bagheria who can boast known collaborations such as the one with the chef Natale Giunta, with Dolce and Gabbana for Smeg, and then again for having represented our traditions and
the whole of Italy last November, at the International Cultural Heritage Museum in China, to indicate an increasingly marked return to the intangible culture and traditions that characterize the identity of a people.
Provenzano is currently engaged in a highly armored and ambitious project with a multinational.
Still too early to talk about it, but it still gives us hope in the spread of our traditions through his brushstrokes.
During the days of Saturday and Sunday, visitors were also surprised by some moments in which the artist decided to hold his brush and colors to continue, within such an unusual setting, some of his works, giving life in this way to a real pictorial performance much appreciated by the public.
The exhibition, together with the reduction on the cost of the entrance ticket, will continue for all weekends in September: from 09.00 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 19.00 (last admission at 12.30 in the morning
and at 18.00 for the afternoon).
An excellent choice by the administration of Villa Palagonia, welcoming an event within the historic residence that attests to how the Villa is an eclectic and multifaceted place, with its monsters and mysteries.

[by Sara Abello - from "La Voce di Bagheria"]

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